Yozons™ has deployed hundreds of systems serving millions of smart users, from one-person companies to the Fortune 500 since 2001.

Document workflows include sales agreements, financing, NDAs, HR onboarding, healthcare and various government forms. Yozons offers full branding with enterprise-grade security which allows you to stand out from the crowd with the best solution at a reasonable price.

No ad-supported "free" services means no conflict of interest to data mine your private business dealings and sell to "marketing partners."

You get an enterprise-grade independent web contracting site and database that you own. We can host it in our secure cloud infrastructure, or deploy on premise.

There is no privacy concern that your users and data are mingled with millions of others that can lead to "accidental" data leaks. And your deployment carries your company's brand rather than our own since it's your data and documents.

Yozons never engages in viral marketing shenanigans, such as using email notifications sent to your customers to sell them our services.

With powerful custom reports and data extracts, you gain a complete understanding of the status of all your paperless documents from beginning to end. You can even embed your documents directly into your web site or integrate with other applications. There is no hidden charge for integration using our APIs.

Your documents are available to you wherever you are, using the web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Check out HR Onboarding System™ (HROS™) for a basic, customizable HR onboarding system brought to you by our partner, HR Onboarding Solutions LLC. Please contact Brent Jameson, PHR, at 325-245-3556 for details and sales.

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